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Quality conventional spas built for peace of mind. Enjoy legendary reliability and comfort at an incredible price.

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Built on the durable wood-free EnduraFrame, the X8 hot tub provides the ultimate hot tub experience at half the price. Enjoy soothing hydrotherapy with the option to listen to your favorite music. With an open seating layout and ample room this is the perfect hot tub for a large family or a hot tub party with friends. The X8 seats up to 8 adults comfortably.

DIMENSIONS: 7'10" (2.39m) x 7'10"

(2.39m) x 38" (.97m)
CAPACITY: 8 adults


Relax after a long day in this spacious and therapeutic hot tub. Equipped with a full-body massage in a premium reclined seat, the X8L is the perfect blend of relaxation and hydrotherapy. Enjoy a peaceful night with your special someone or call up some friends, this spa can easily fit up to 7 adults with plenty of space.

DIMENSIONS: 7'10" (2.39m) x 7'10"

(2.39m) x 38" (.97m)
CAPACITY: 7 adults


Designed to be open, therapeutic and comfortable, the X7 is the perfect hot tub for those looking to maximize their space. With an ergonomic design and open layout this spa is perfect for both relaxing and enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy with others. The X7 seats up to 8 adults without occupying too much exterior space in your yard.

DIMENSIONS: 7'4" (2.24m) x 7'4"

(2.24m) x 36 (.91m)"
CAPACITY: 8 adults


When it comes to investing in a hot tub, there are 2 things you shouldn't comprise: comfort and therapy. The X7L is designed to accommodate up to 6 adults comfortably while providing the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Designed with a full-body lounger and jets in the right places, this hot tub will help you relieve aches or relax and unwind after a stressful day.

DIMENSIONS: 7'4" (2.24m) x 7'4"

(2.24m) x 36 (.91m)"
CAPACITY: 6 adults


Both compact and therapeutic, the X6L is the right hot tub for saving space without sacrificing first-rate hydrotherapy. The X6L features a therapeutic lounge seat, corner captain seates, and more. Enjoy a quiet, intimate night with your spouse or enjoy a relaxing evening with family or a few friends.

DIMENSIONS: 6'8" (2.03m) x 7'4 "

(2.24m) x 34" (.86m)
CAPACITY: 6 adults


The X6R brings the spa experience to a new level with a circular design ideal for enjoying a night of fun and relaxation with family or friends. The X6R round spa is going to be one of your favorite investments. Sit back and reminisce as you stargaze in this fun and classicly styled spa environment.

DIMENSIONS: 6'7" (2.01m) x 6'7"

(2.01m) x 36" (.91m)
CAPACITY: 5 adults


If you're an empty nester, couple without kids or enjoying the single life, the X5L is the perfect spa for you. Compact and intimate, this hot tub fits into tight spaces indoors or outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy a romantic night with your spouse or enjoy a private soak after a workout and let the affordable hydromassage features take your worries away.

DIMENSIONS: 5'8" (1.73m) x 7'

(2.13m) x 31" (.79m)"
CAPACITY: 3 adults

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