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Pool Liners

We specialize in inground and above ground liner replacement. The liners used are the highest grade of virgin vinyl and custom makes each liner to fit our specifications to give a glove-like fit. You'll find a replacement liner that will breathe new life into your pool, not only in how well it protects your investment, but in how great it complements your home.

Doughboy Above Ground Liners

E-Z Clip™ Liners

Doughboy’s special 100% virgin-vinyl formula resists chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Plus Doughboy’s Therma-Seal™ Technology technique provides durability and supreme quality. We are so confident with this process that we cover our liner seams with a 100% lifetime warranty.

E-Z Clip Liners are available in beautiful, full patterned, bordered designs to match your unique style and home decor. Doughboy offers a 100% Lifetime Seam Warranty.

Overlap Liners

are made for flat bottom pools and cannot be used for deep swimming areas. Expandable liners are also installed over the pool wall and are also secured with coping strips. Therefore, expandable liners can be used in pools with either flat bottoms or deep swimming areas.

Foxpool Inground Liners

Fox Vinyl Liners

One of the most important features of your pool is the liner.  Fox proudly offers quality liners available in a variety of patterns and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your pool. Our liners are made from 20 or 28 mil virgin vinyl that is formulated with ultra-violet inhibitors and anti-bacterial agents to ensure long life.   As is always the case, proper application and use of chemicals will ensure that your Fox liner will last many years.

Splash™ Above Ground Vinyl Liners

Unibead Liners

GLI’s Splash Series versatile Unibead construction allows you to replace an overlap or beaded liner with one of our beautiful tile patterns.  If replacing an overlap liner, simply attach the Unibead J-hook to the top of the pool wall.  If replacing a beaded liner, remove the J-hook portion of the liner and install like a standard beaded liner.  Both options give you a professional look and make installation a snap.  Splash Series Unibead liners come with a 20 year limited / 1 year full warranty and are made from durable 100% Virgin Vinyl.  

Overlap Liners

GLI’s Splash Series Overlap liners are the ideal economical option for your liner replacement needs and can accommodate any 48” or 52” above ground pool wall.  GLI also offers Expandable overlap liners (available in Solid Blue, Blue Wall/Swirl Floor and Swirl Wall/Swirl Floor) that fit pools up to 72” deep.  The Above Ground Overlap liner is designed to hang over the top of the pool wall and is held in place with coping strips.  Splash Series Overlap liners come with a 20 year limited / 1 year full warranty and are made from durable 100% Virgin Vinyl.

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